About Us

  Zealandia Chemical Inc. ("ZEALANDIA") was established in 2017 in bids to develop chemicals, intermediates and materials that fuel the chemical industry in a cost-effective way. Its high-end polyether production line is a unique production plant with completely independent intellectual property rights. The plant adopts a continuous production process path, which significantly improves process efficiency, reduces production costs compared with the old plant, improves monomer conversion rate, and provides stable product quality with low monomer residue, low odour, low VOC and low viscosity. The key process technology of POP production without chain transfer agent removal is the forefront in China, and the technical index is in the leading position internationally, which can compete with similar products abroad. The company's advantages in process technology, product quality and cost control have been highlighted, and the sales volume at home and abroad has continued to increase significantly.

  The company adheres to the development concept of "science first" and is committed to promoting health, safety, environmental protection and sustainable development, with the vision of being the "global HSE leader (FORUS)", constantly improving product standards and expanding product applications. In the field of waterproof coatings, the company has independently developed and commercialised solvent-free polyether for waterproof coatings, which is of great significance in promoting the national goal of "double carbon"; in the field of spinning oil, the company has developed and produced POY spinning oil polyether with independent intellectual property rights. In the field of spinning oil, the company has developed and produced POY spinning oil polyether with independent intellectual property rights, breaking through the international monopoly barrier.



With excellent production, R&D and market delivery capabilities, the company has maintained long-term and stable cooperation with top international companies such as BASF (Germany), Huntsman (USA), Lear, Andorto, Sika (Switzerland) and Mitsui (Japan), and carried out technical cooperation on the basis of business cooperation to continuously promote the development of polyether polyol products in the direction of ultimate environmental protection and ultimate application.

  Looking to the future, ZEALANDIA is determined to build the best national enterprise and be the best national brand, to continuously improve its scientific and technological innovation ability, core competitiveness and sustainable development ability, to create maximum value for society, customers, shareholders and employees, and to contribute to the development of the industry and social progress.




  The production process strictly follows the national ISO9001 and ISO2000 standards, and the laboratory and processing workshop operate in strict accordance with GMP standards. Our products are exported to Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa, thus establishing long-term and stable relationships with our customers.


Corporate Philosophy

Customer first

We shall always focus on satisfying our customers. From the first contact to the taking over point. Thereafter to be at our customers service for debottlenecking, revamping, extensions or any matter.

Business idea

Our business idea is to offer our proprietary technologies and products to the chemical industry globally, from licensing to EPC undertakings, according to our clients needs.


Continue to act as an independent engineering partner to our clients and always strive to remain being a high end supplier of technologies, keeping our clients in the forefront.

Respect for the environment

The future and our children demand long-term sustainable development. We shall seek to reuse/recycle by-products to the greatest extent possible. At every step, we shall aim to avoid the loss and waste of resources.


Acting in a complex chemical area requires responsibility. Highest possible safety in every situation and design, shall be aimed for. Furthermore all our actions and decisions shall be such that we can be proud of them. Good morals and ethics shall permeate all handlings of Zealandia.